Drawing in black ink of an open daisy flower facing the viewer. The daisy is the symbol of the Philosophy of Happiness book.
Side view photo of mound of white & pink daisies, repeated in an insert of a 5-minute introductory video about the Philosophy of Happiness book.







Dear Visitor:


This website offers a radically new, distinctive, and deep opportunity to improve your existence and the existence of what you hold dear. Do not let it pass. You owe it to yourself and your surroundings to raise happiness.


My work is intended to assist you in this effort. Its approach is very different from anything else on the subject of happiness. It describes happiness as the supreme organizational principle of individual humans, humanity, and, in a wider sense, of nature. We can easily catch a glimpse of this principle when we watch how laws of nature combine to advance nature, most prominently in life as its cutting edge. Life focuses on its proliferation and development. The ultimate purpose of this has yet to become clear. However, undeniable evidence surrounds us that nature is on a mission to transform itself through life. Humans are leading results and agents in this mission. Our nature is part of nature. In us, nature has a chance of self-awareness and dramatically influencing its progress. This charges us with particular responsibility. It also places us at particular risk if we fail. Being at odds with nature's mission individually or as a species causes us hardships and entangles us in a struggle we cannot win. On the other hand, our alignment with nature's mission and our deliberate advancement and competent leadership of it promise our thriving. In this deeper sense, happiness reveals itself as the fundamental guiding principle for human existence and wellbeing. Strong as this principle may be at work in us, we still make many mistakes in grasping and following it. Nature undertakes various forays that are tested and treated by how well they fit into its mission. Human nature must prove itself in this respect like any other part of nature. There seem to be some troubling aspects in our nature that create doubts whether we can master this challenge. But advanced emotional, intellectual, and practical capacities also seem to grant us a unique opportunity to consider and overcome our shortcomings and succeed.


The first step to unlocking this opportunity is to understand the governing principle of happiness and its underlying conditions. My work strives to help readers in this undertaking. It also assists readers in devising strategies that can increase and maximize their happiness within themselves, in their relationships with other humans, and in their interactions with the more extended environment. It takes them step by step through a journey of exploration to gain this vital awareness and derive concrete, actionable insights for finding and leading a life of harmonious purpose. It is unprecedented by enabling individuals to conduct a comprehensive assessment of happiness and empowering them to identify and address their concerns. Its approach is methodical and scientific, yet unpretentious and written in plain language.


You are welcomed and encouraged to examine the materials on this website at no cost to determine whether you would like to embark on a journey of understanding and elevating your happiness. Even if you should end up not agreeing with their propositions, considering them may send you on your way of enhancing your own philosophy about matters of happiness.


I hope you find my work stimulating and helpful. I spent much time and energy on establishing a new, comprehensive philosophy of happiness because I care about each of the persons who might individually benefit from it and because I saw it necessary to assist humanity in diminishing and mastering its challenges. My work is independently generated and published by me, and it is self-financed at great personal sacrifice. Its success depends in large part on referrals by individuals like you. So if you like my work or merely think it deserves further consideration, I would appreciate your telling others about it. Sharing buttons are located at the top of each page.


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Thank you and best wishes,


Martin Janello