Drawing in black ink of an open daisy flower facing the viewer. The daisy is the symbol of the Philosophy of Happiness book.
8-pronged white star with a black rhombus in each tip.






This page features quotes and poems arising in my mind after the completion of four collections in the Knowing series, published in print as Live Knowing Life, Love Knowing Love, Pine Knowing Pain, and Shine Knowing Shame. Purchase information for these is available here. All four collections are also accessible on-line at no cost. And so is this continuation of my poetic work. While the contents of the collections are organized into themes, the new material on this page reflects my stream of consciousness. I hope you enjoy it anyway.


retinas seared

from seeing her naked

blind love is leading him

into her fire




four letter words

we should not say

are nothing compared

to the one we won't




when she's in his sight

he acts like a knight

but there's too much white

in his eyes of terror




being close with her

it's almost too much

prevented from her

nothing's enough

i'll only rest when i die




shrouded within

her rose petal skin

gossamer blossom

wrapped in dreams of flying




i am going to be somebody

presumes you are not now

a stance causing problems

fill the spot where you are

with all your might and shine




did he say gold

or cold

it doesn't matter




lots of things will never be

not friend nor foe

she wants me

and that i quickly go

to make room for another spree




she says love is

a numbers game

with most of us settling

on less than ten




guess she lost touch

or never had it

loved him too much

piercing soul and heart

he moved away

saying he regretted

not being ready

to be a part




suspended in between

waiting for bliss

and hoping

our pains will be over

we fail to grasp

the gist of this

spend life trying

not to be sober




nothing else now matters

clasped scent of hair and skin

unqualified acceptance

not knowing who i've been

or what will be with us




nonsense i write you

is meant to cool

searing senses

you make to this fool

some day someone burns these letters




boundaries are made

to keep evil fear or carelessness at bay

or to enable them




what is this

being a man

being a woman

being anything

we find out

when we passionately love

and then reflect this love

into the world




every time you think

you're someone

you are the opposite too




when cold crepuscule

paints life a sin

and falling out with it

sets to begin

play your own fool

and make light from within




i consider

that time you bit me

when i was trying to plant a kiss

or the incidents when you would hit me

volatile clouds in longed for bliss




his nightfulness

ensconces you

in warm illumination

makes you undress

what you might do

devoid of trepidation

till sun breaks tameless moods




your flames burn me

then calm chills soothe

your fire warms me

then cold hard truth

tempers fatiguing my mettle




all the things i should not say

and parts of me i should not show

you love a fictional version




pictures of me seem not myself

i feel as if i were just an elf

driving heavy machinery




bonjour encore

tu sais ce qui me fait rire

quand même je ne peux pas dire

combien et longtemps je t'adore




smiling i'm writing

she asks what's this


my fleeting bliss




chalky dry skin

flaking parchment snow

tied to our monitors

nowhere to go

'xcept toward some weekend sun




spine form and

relentless rains

rush us down drains

as we turn to dust

still i let wetness

moisten my veins

knowing full well

it will make me rust




you are so much to me

in your breath

that's how your spirit speaks




i cherish those

who break the dull

unraveling the lull

they or someone chose




we are the echoes

of ancestors' pain


they made us sound

ignorant egos

lone cut off and vain

needles in haystacks found




such high concepts

for which his heart strains

that methods seem

tortuous bores

deems his tasks

invisible grains

ground on eternity's shores




meet me at sunset

on top of the bluff

he could not help hoping

her spelling was off

and that she'd stop

claiming him immature




he makes her forget

who she wants to be

by feeling the woman she is




i want the sun to sear me

another coat of skin

want rushing wind and water

to strip me of my sin

and start anew with you




stammering words

unfit for emotions

or visions of us

playing in my mind




she had him wanting

to be himself

drown helplessly

in lovelorn devotion

sensing it

she put him on a shelf

for later glee

as stand-in emotion




she has him going

for days at a time

until he's exhausted

and comes back to her




what a strangely brand new day

everything seems to be made from clay

hot to the touch and lifelessly hardened




she's in my dreams

even when i'm with you

just a guitar now babe

please don't be blue

every man needs a passion




yeah you could say that

he answered her question

but was he really in love




waiting for happiness

she lits a fuse

setting a deadline

but it's no use

missing her cues

dreams run out of time




The greatest human failing is wanting to be right. While useful & thus excusable, it easily causes us to be wrong.




stars warm and bright

forever lonesome

spreading light

until they burn out




the sides you say

are bad about me

she sees in a different light




her derogations

upon his body

deemed him depraved

desiring hers

when he shaped up

she continued them


as an incentive

but he felt worse




meant to betray her

though dove-tailing peg

she still fancies him

will even beg

to answer her prayer

be her mistake

turning her future dim




lying we claim

to have this feeling

fully aware

the feeling has us





we go on

about our business

lies told

to the world outside

inside thirsting

for all that glistens

rising from ambers

of fires burnt




buying pretending

still there we are

lone with the self-respect

we have earned




the reasons

i should or can't be

with you

are like the seasons

in california

all coinciding

but warmth holding sway




fractured glass hearts

give rise to rainbows

as the sun reflects on their scars




the best chance these days

to be on the right track

assume opposites

of what's sold as fact




my monkey lives not

in branches of trees

it sits on my neck

and raises heck

should it suspect

i'm losing track

or not react

to what it sees




i wrote you a song

that went all wrong

it came out wry

instead of praising

to boot a bulls eye

instead of grazing

about your wearing a thong




the overdrive

he had for life

made peers

on the road seem

like they were standing




she keeps saying

i needed that

innocent to the fact

she was giving




she ripped from his heart

a great many shreds

to use as confetti

on her parade




know this night's mysterious loner

if not by his heart mind and deed

from listening to lore

of knights seeking honor

attending to the weak




principles are broken

innocence upturned

humanity a token

till victory is earned

giving grounds for another war




where are you

she's silently asking forever

till you make her feel you are here




i once had a girl

tryin' to give me a whirl

during a dance

in a bid to emance

but i instead of coast

stood planted like scratching post




more ice on mars north pole

than its counterpart on earth

change of climate and perspective




i have to tell her stories

so she will fall calmly sleep

relieved from her life's worries

carried to forests deep

where little people dwell




watch for the things

people claim to be awful

when really they are

miraculous nature




why would i tell you

‘bout loves i lost

till getting to you

the love i found




dream of

long past daily treasure

when they'd walk naked

in the woods

most deem them primitive

though the measure

is freedom and life's lust




we hide of ourselves

to not draw attention

so others will leave us alone

even resting in their company




she dreads my words

when strategically placed

like they are less true

and i double faced




no she will see me

that's why i don't care

planning a round trip

to her blind castle




parts of you soft

you let me touch

still you dream oft

i won't care much

'bout hurting them

or your feelings




they were asleep

but he would not have it

they must partake

in his pride and joy




A rising number of us seem uncomfortable being confronted with ourselves, thus denying ourselves ownership, responsibility, and opportunity.




a life described

in first and last times

and mundane forgetfulness

in between




must our lives

be endless flights

of stairs

on which one strives

and finally despairs

never to know true destination




the new in you

will tide him over

until the next lover

appears in his view




nobody left

to leave her

she now is free

to begin a new life




she has kept

the shirt he last wore

carrying the scent

before her heart tore




she was a nonperson

barely present

pain in her semblance

straining to be birthed




where will his love go

when she's not around

will he claim he's taken

though opportunities abound




if grasshoppers knew

where they will land

would pleasures be few

and life taste bland




he's hardest

on the ones he loves

to dissuade them

from taking advantage

of what he perceives

an embarrassing weakness




she was a miller's daughter

who baked

and grew strong

pulling millstones' ore

sun by the lake

he saw her

and met his calling

to ever adore




i often wonder

if i'd lie with you

would i still care

to know the truth




his words repeatedly spoken

softly parted her lips

hauntingly only a token

for imaginations

of her hips




we've been kept blind

but taught that we see

fearful to find

what life would be

if we knew all withheld




music was my first love . . .


well, usually women don't like the second line of that song




people may think she's unsteady

trying herself at this and at that

but how else to know she is ready

carrying a robe and wearing a hat




stringent rules

for boys she had kept

went overboard

as soon as we met




she was never more alone

than with those

who should make a home




nothing love makes her do

ever seems dirty

she knows that is

how flowers are made




lost her

burns blister

where she will not touch

i made her trister

being too scant or much




her body

spoke french

without any study




you estrange

by judging me

i can't

won't change

who i used to be

all that should matter is now




i only like real

if it matches my dreams

cannot conceal

it's not what it seems

evrything being in order

when love's banned behind the border




one cannot love

without breaking down

to fragments

that make up

the essence of stars




sense of duty on a shelf

keeping diaries from falling

she begins to hate herself

there's nothing in them

she could be trawling




running through

empty halls

endless night castle

he once meant

she was to be his queen




night deprivation

made me feel lousy

heavy anchor sinking deep

it's an elation now

getting drowsy

sleep makes you lay down

and wake up with me




giving up chances

unless you are certain

still can be foolish

unless you are right




i'm sad

she said

setting satin sills

with votive candles

to light his way back




praising how wise it is

standing your ground

you seem much less a whiz

once you have drowned




my heart's bulkhead

's loaded for you with springs

so is my bed

among other things




my love has left me

a rose on the bed

i should be happy

instead just feel dread




she cut moon and stars

from her paper heart

and pictures of him

going back to the start

till macramé beauty emerged




fascinating and puzzling at once

the girl who is nothing like him

they'd easily fuse

by love's heat ensconced

or would be eternally fighting




who are we

without our tools

past opinions

of wise or fools

beyond clothes hair

shoes purses and rings

shamed or valiant

to spread our wings




a bed so small

we had to turn together




they are gamekeepers

we do not see

making belief

natural habitat




the forest is still

its silence seems shrill

knowing you are somewhere in it

i waited hours

now my mind devours

hope and despair

after finding your mitt




making nature artifice

sacred mission

or cursed perversion




it used to be

people died

because they tired

from and to the challenges of living

nowadays it appears

they die from tiring of not living




man's just a guest

in women's homes

no matter how much

he shares or roams

or how important

he thinks he is

none of the home

qualities is his




like an oyster

revealing her pearl

she opened up to him

no more a girl




our minds received modulations

to watch others do or simulations

and deem them replacements for our life




both old and new ways

of showing love

are necessary

to keep it alive




animal essence

of an archangel

fighting to fuse

sacrifice to a point

love passion's hell

she stays a stranger

no mercy given

as lashes knell




schools kept remarking

he's not quite there

does not apply himself

makes himself rare

does not fit life as a cog




people who deem mischaracterizations

fair means to convince others of truth

only fall in sequential line with

how they developed their truth




ever since he was a boy

he wanted to live under a clay roof

more than even in a house

after hearing the tiles

were formed on women's thighs




we're cracked eggs

eternally vexed

by the conception

of being intact

feed on confection

moving perception

to beautiful lies

against all fact




surely you're right

we will be done

but it's not over yet

in between lies all the fun

leaving the future in our debt




i've given up

on my life to rhyme

sequences falling in place

or forcing their fit

so i can just in time

die after winning the race




love she asked

would you like more tea

i had basked

in attention to me

likely she's just a great waitress




the old man i heard

on the third floor died

when the garbage container was placed

his relations want none of his stuff




something remains

of who lived here before

undefined stains

on walls ceiling and floor

filth is the last of them leaving




he often wished

she would switch positions

riding the motorcycle with him




in the darkest hour

when late and early gather

mind and heart devour

her over not having a father




resign and re-sign

a dance card

with crossed-out

and newfangled people

sentimentality has no seat

as long as the music doesn't stop




i don't know how it used to be

that what i needed i could not see

all it took was to finally listen

what heart and mind said

they were missing




her bold demeanor's

enamored rage

challenged him

to turn a page

instead he closed the book




that fresh day in may

right after a rain

when young leaves

and blossoms

had no fear of falling




he sometimes felt

like a tennis ball

and girls were

searing hot velcro




his ideal of the opposite sex

changed as he progressed through life

still he left several women perplexed

asking for all in a wife




she'd rather sit

with a table between

or stand by a door

just in case

thinks as a weapon

of anything seen

to settle the score

face to face




maybe he's quiet

for secrets he keeps

or fear once he speaks

should nobody buy it

or meaning will drain

by giving it name




i love the light

for giving me sight

so i can delight

in her turning me on

still night's my friend

who will be at hand

long after she's gone




mostly they fight

to dispel the fright

of nothing to say anymore




don't keep asking

why i'm still here

there is no good reason

except spiting fate




her favorite poems

are of people broken

since most she knows

are a gooey mess




the first order

of our efforts

should be to stop

sabotaging ourselves

unless we have a good sense

we're heading in the wrong direction




most of their worries

come from stories

they set up

projections on others

give them covers

for getting upset

without stop




A whole generation of writers in the romantic era tried and could not change the ugly heart of creeping "modernity"  - and died of it.




you know these words

you never sent

or all the feelings

that were not meant

still somehow existed

because i missed them




publishing diaries

of souls within him

wasting in prison

their only way out




not quite sure

why she calls me pumpkin

was nearly certain

by now i'm a gourd




the song

that arrived

when i heard your name

still leaves me deprived

though it nurtures my fame




you judge parts of me

as fending against us

i judge your judging

in similar ways

so let's count our days together




nothing more would moisten you

than admission to my pains

like a ravaging poison

missing from my veins

still letting you think

i feel nothing




so this is what you do my love

when nobody watches you play

i find it to be a treasure trove

for things we can do to relay




everything in her was conniving

cutting through layers of

unknown fact




as a test

she made a request

that i tie her shoe

without kneeling

when i pulled her leg up

she thought it was best

confessing to her feeling




Being calm and considerate under challenges can give us awareness and control that usually only hindsight grants.




the purple mood

you bring to me

bears thousand folds

yet undiscovered

i want no food

just want to be

the one who holds

you hot and bothered




she likes to hook

her legs into mine

as if to make sure

i won't run away




how much wine does it take

for you to let go and just be

to make believe for a while

you are drunk on life

and not afraid of love




i cannot go to bed just now

where underneath the goblins cow

waiting to enter my dreams




i don't know how much

love is about timing

but the percentage must be high




love in its truest and purest flower

spans the extremes of civilization




politics and sports

are often the same

people choose teams

and foes

tribal idiocy in reams

as their warfare goes

others profit from the game




the question we must ask

to improve life

is how kindness and care

become replaced by

harshness and neglect

then we must address this contortion




sometimes i think you and me

would have been happy

in past lives farming

by the edge of a forest

but then i picture armies sweeping through






she's letting him repeatedly know

he's not enthusiastic enough

each demerit feels like a blow

betterment will be tough




i lost myself searching

to find the true me

nightmares were lurching

to set themselves free

like bats disturbed

in their daytime slumber




i often thought

i heard her name

by birds announced

before she came

in joy and not as warning




you're really nice

but cannot have me

a doubtful prize

even to myself

only know fights

likely would maim thee

to join me in one of my many hells




the sole searching way

she knew to gauge love

was by the cruelty she would suffer




the music won't stop

nor care if you dance

or follow its plot

of endless romance

you're only a dot

who can be of note

or fail in dissonance





a girl i do not much know

and likely will never meet

will probably not ever get the idea

my words were laid at her feet





his regret

is a summer's dream

he could not in fall forget




waiting for death

by waiting for life




old men plotting

adversity and war

jealous of young life

trying to put far

they can't make

and can't get love




careful how you adjust your life

to some day live another

this one may be all you get




many loves test us

to find our way

full of trip wires

and unseen barriers

others take us

by the hand

and walk with us

through their garden




i love her dance

when she picks up clothes

into her hands

with curled around toes




love knows no time

so i won't hang in

waiting for you

to see if it grows

you'd get used to me

or feel guilty

giving rise to intensified woes




fearing emptiness to simply be

stuffing our life with activity

wailing we don't have time




she says things such

i like biting your teeth

or love you so much

i forget to breathe

none of my poems can match her




wallowing daily in

spooned out bubbles

led to deny

our brains are washed

taking sides as if it matters

while our lives are senselessly rushed




best friend

heart worm

that ate from inside




living one's story

against the odds

or going with the flow

compromise may serve us best

but often it's hard to know

the cost of our rewriting




you tear yourself up

to get out of the forest

that always has proven a shelter

those fairy tales should not be trusted




your going for visions

may irritate some people

because it reminds them

of dreams they buried alive

or never dared gestating




you my sweet

are proving true

i can keep cake

and eat it too




my life my love without you

would never be the same

still it would be about you

lived somehow but in vain




her presence

makes me luxuriate

in necessities of life




he swore i will surprise you

like springtime green

on a long deemed dead tree

she felt wrongly despised

to think she ever lost faith in him




much of what she says is wrong

but he finds it endearing

she's got him bleeding upon her prong

apologetic for smearing

another fool in love




he is considering working out

for landing a hard body chick

even if that'd end in total rout

she would have played a trick




though a stranger

to her body

and its obscene desires

scared by its temporariness

she surrenders to danger




she was a lost lyric

he could not recall

like dreaming of flying

and then endless fall




the measure of truth

letting others be

as we claim ourselves

the right to be free

is how we treat them

when they disagree




my love's not conditioned

on whether you love me

and yet its fate will be

determined by you




By claiming the truth of matters cannot be obtained, we may give in to false interpretations - and even more so by claiming the opposite.




after all you put her through

she'd still take your hand

lest you don't think of her as weak

but not in forgiveness and love anymore




tip of an iceberg

she faces love to melt her

nine tenths of her reserved

in fear of dissolving too fast




she shook him up

the self-confessed


and self-assured

her body


and spikes

did things to him

he had not seen likes




humanity's stance is so upside down

its view might benefit from

reversing the world like a deflated football

then we could see all at a time




you broke down all my fences

still made the intrusion feel right

robbed me of most of my senses

dipped me in fragrant warm light




torture of

each working day lost

not spent with you

it comes at high cost

but you say we have to live




the years

without tears

had left her brittle

with no seed to moisten

for a new life




she is familiar

with her sadness

waiting for fall

to agree with her

his silly demeanor

makes her laugh

how dare he spring in

and interfere




she doesn't like help

that's not necessary

pushing away

his chivalrous gestures

under suspicions

they may not last




all she wears is these flimsy

summer wrap dresses

daring her beau

to pull the bow




wears a skirt

like a daffodil

and a white blouse

as we climb the hill

spring in my step

hope petals will fall

she planned ahead

knowing it all




her name

something french

if that's what she gave

he could not pay attention

their bodies were in rave

now dancing was not stupid




hiding her body

a sacrilege

born from fair fear

of too much worship

and the powers she could wield




time has the air

of living and dying

we never know we're safe




why must he think

of a girl named colton

he never knew anyone

with that name




success in amoral settings

means one has triumphed

overcoming one's soul

one then fights remnants with justifications

so one can continue with oneself




Children's opinions are habitually marginalized because their brains are not developed enough to cease asking questions that really matter.




thanks my well adjusted friend

for letting me know who this person is

but i still prefer to find out by myself





sitting alone

on a lawn chair

far from the party

she doubted i knew her

from former leading roles




advancing in age he deemed

listlessness its symptom

recalling it growing since youth

from being bored or forced

hoping some day to escape




a lot less bad would happen

if people would not allow

being directed by others




hobbyist statisticians

spending life long childhoods

following teams and players

and disliking opponents




you may believe

no masters exist

through manipulation

and lack of fist

but why blow your life

playing into such risk

by conforming consumption




so many gestures half-hearted

signaling people unworthy of all

better still to not have bothered

now we're contributing to their fall




every time i'm leaving

sensing a bit

what death must be like

there is no way retrieving

the loss

still i take a hike

and some day won't return




hop along

be true and humble

at times you're wrong

or skip a beat

and take a tumble

life's often not neat

but best had with a song

on our feet




times i got no words in me

and the rest wants to fight or flee

no song or smile not even for you

no empathy or getting through

your love matters most




shhhh she says

and points her finger up

has magical ways

making conversation stop

to enter deeper communication




i draw from closer sentiments

don't know of what you speak

pretending hard to mend the fence

that once created mystique

before we became one




we all live on islands

of different sizes

till one realizes

we come from the sea




reinforce children's

sense of beauty

and all else will fall into place




once devised diversions

from existential strife

pharmacies of


make us dwell in self-containment

not approaching much real life




it's not so much

that we don't sense

or could not know

what makes us happy

we hold ourselves back

by fear of change

or finding through to it




she likes my stories

to fall asleep

hands nestled closely

and breathing deep

sometimes she goes way back




bare forest paths remind me

of fragile movements

that are no more

leaved forest paths grind me

back into grooves

where i adore





her show

clicked always back

on pause




treating life itself

as art

is exhausting

but what is the alternative




if we knew how

we hurt one another

would we sufficiently care




your profile is

what weathers the storm

not your selfie before




enduring love

a reinforcing echo

of itself




spring eve's walk

we took together

blushing glancing

unsure what to say

was more intimate

than any naked dancing

which still holds much sway




good sense's death

is not surprising

since most of our others

are atrophied from catering




you are attempting to save us both

by claiming you will betray me




trying to wake those

ensconced in daydreams

or oblivious slumber

likely will earn you their wrath




say thank you each day

about ten times

directed to you

and from you

this either points to

facts you should cherish

or irony you ought to mend




you want true truth

don't bother

with messes human foibles create

listen to subtle piano runs

or look at the glistening of a wave




without pauses

even the most beautiful conditions

become insufferable




kings and queens

long abdicated

selling out parts of our realm




this awkward bloke

is going for broke

out of his way

to impress you

he's scary nice

so put on the ice

tell him no date

and to not harass you




The dumber people are, the more they think of themselves as geniuses for realizing something they had not thought of before.




flowers bloomed

and asked for rain

the sky brimmed

you're doomed

complaining in vain

i'm not in charge

of earthly pain

minding my own business




April Fool's Day may lose its meaning as we become aware we are getting fooled & are fooling ourselves all year 'round. But its irony bites.




looks at him


like death on an early soul

he should be hers eventually

but pouncing now

exacts a toll

of willful awful regret




october campground near venice

we're the only ones there

you slumber softly

i think i hear someone

outside the tent

grab my dagger

to defend




passionate lovers are unprepared

so much so fast

but there's no other way




cherry blossom honeymoon

you could not focus on us

something about your mother




If we limit ourselves to what rhymes, we incarcerate our expressions - and maybe our life - to predictable, finite formality.




You can discover a lot about yourself by contemplating the things you keep for eventual use.




we have to let go of everything

to move about truly free

the question we then must ask ourselves

how free do we want to be




she taped two pillows

behind the headboard




she does not like him

for having had a life

before her breaking into view

nor license as his wife

his going on to something new




all the love they now make to each other

seems impromptu but is rehearsed

innocence became a bother

when they wished they were better versed




some women are like butterflies

others like gnawing caterpillars

few let you fall into their eyes

and taste their core without any fillers




her name or meme

are nowhere to be found

i guess one day we all will disappear




Political tribalism, its promoters, cheerleaders, and hooligan spectators can destroy a society, allowing lowest instincts and lies to govern.




i left time

to hold her once

now dream upon eternity





she said

this is not gonna work

though it was play

he had in mind




Yes, I judge people. I judge them by how differently they act depending on whether they want something or are asked to give.




he loved her

as if trying

to split her in half

some say he succeeded




morning comes

shushing the goblins of night

heavily sitting on in your chest

coffee kills superstition's flight

finally daytime gives us rest




i cannot help it

that i love you

i tried to lie

but it is too true

i'd rather die

than not telling you

even if it's

a day i will rue




pay attention to

misreading words

they are close-captions of your life




walking through a field of muck

until we die

or live on being stuck






friends who lost hope

and fiends

who were gloating

you slid off the slope




your blood was free

so they took it

died for the glee

of the crooked




the trust she grants

is conditional

like a barely tamed doe's

any false move

and she'll leap the fence

keeping you on your toes




gullible sheep

wolves ready to pounce

here goes humanity

down some more rounds




people once used to

dress for their roles

downturns of manners

have taken their tolls

blunt commodities

ready for scanners







talked to

yelled at




left for dead

find human kinds

who will let you be

ready if you share to listen




and when our days

approach their end

we won't have much to say

we walk the short distance

hand in hand

knowing we went all the way




am in the doghouse

for setting her up

while washing the dishes

cause she broke a cup

i'll buy two new ones

for both's pain to stop




Ouch, this guitar hurts, she's so beautiful. I almost don't care what she sounds like - which is a mistake in picking guitars or women.




silence is not nothing

it's the courage to hear

even when there's no sound




and all wisdom of the ages

was overturned

by a flip of her hair




we're living

in a film negative

with insufficient exposure




my love had me breathing

then stole it away

when she was leaving

said have a good day




remember back when

we were singing and basking

children unhemmed

exploring and asking

love without end

till we bought into masking




for those living well


with others who are not

is a frightening reminder

of their own vulnerability




running in herds

presuming truth

insisting we're clever

not goaded

masks our dumbness

more thoroughly swayed

by predators posing as guides




holding beliefs

we need any leaders

short-circuits our minds




can you just be

with your head in the sun

nothing to see

about what can be done

nothing lost and nothing won

for undefined furloughs from time




you say i don't know you

and maybe i don't

but you've played it safe

to make sure i won't




not to return

can be a blessing

letting long gone

or gaunt spirits sleep

once we do

no window dressing

spares us views

of wounds running deep




her poise of pronouncing

my name every time

as if she cares

how it feels in her mind




out of her way

to keep walking by

her tease is subtle

but smile too wry

telling of doubt

i notice





all of it his and her life

ridiculing and berating

best attempts in curbing their drive

to smell roses even at the cost of bleeding




lays herself open

into his hands

though she wantonly hurts him

can't be vindictive

or take a hard stance

she is the water he's thirsting




says she won't mind

if he sees other women

only to save what little she can

she'd not give all of her to him

he never was or will be her man




what we need


what we want

what we reap


what we can't

what we keep


what we grant

all this determines our life




the moment i viewed playing music

as more than a technical challenge

it came to me and stayed

lesson learned for life and love




thieves challenge us

to make our bets

in stepping stones

past whipped up angry waters

we find they are hydra's heads

still nobody bothers




every time we give power away

ends in heartbreak and dismay




passing not passing

the terrors of time

haunt our sanity

so to be fine

we cling to vanity

as a life line




behold a flower

be one with it

play guitar

resonate with it

love this woman

then breathe a bit

sense the world

in full color




anyone saying

that morning breaks

should get up early

watch sun's dewy haze

lovingly gently envelop the earth




she holds herself

with full consciousness

of her beguiling intoxication

uses it with intent to bless

still leaving utter deprivation




he could not say

she's the love of his life

till all had about faded away




tender inflection

her head on my chest

as if listening

to what I feel




trying to

come into our own

or be somebody

struggles distinguishing truth and lie




you never claimed

to not burn me

and i was fervently

hoping for that

then you decided to turn me

till i was done

and you rendered all fat




faint memories

of love recounted

trophies of beautiful ladies mounted

with fantasies

that would've haunted

had they not been overly flaunted




those dreams

he does not

write about

looking for ways

to materialize




today my love

has gotten restless

worries had built

to where i could not see

that no matter what

you'll be standing with me




lies perpetrated or suffered

once painful cuts

now that honor has gone

have become accepted means

for self-promotion




something in us keeps track

of things ugly

we make beautiful

and things beautiful

we make ugly




History is a reliable indicator of future challenges to the extent beliefs and motivations have not changed.




Recording your own music is like taking a photo shoot of yourself.




One of the most empowering acts to give voice to your thoughts and emotions is to give them your voice.




snake oil salesmen

feelgood claims

selling our vanity

back at bazaars

quicksand sculpture

few kernels truth

then we move on

to another booth





soon past tense

false advertising

still tells the truth

about backstage conditions




when i picture you my love

you're absent-minded

watching the sea

is it me you are thinking of

or is your heart blinded

by my last spree




some people continue

right after they're hit

others see fit

to from then on drone

how they've been wronged

and pick their own bone




she was turning

his life into hers

adjunct existence

robotic burbs

sometimes he wished

all was burning




he was half domesticated

ate at the sink

only when she was out





the older the world

the more difficult

being an original




i don't see

the moon anymore

your glow eclipsed it forever

even if we should part

i could not regard

it with all my heart




she calls her parts

by silly little names

he asks not to

ridicule his




the music i write

seems familiar to me

cause each sound

is a note about you




lost faith in ourselves

or never had it

invented gods

who don't trust us much either




coming back

has little meaning

if one did not leave before

but you and i

don't need this drama

to understand

we are joined evermore




The culture of places and people can be quickly assessed by what there is for breakfast.




spent all my money

at the fair

trying to get infected

still in crowds' busy

laughs and excitement

you stood there too

kindred souls detected




asked me so

you have anywhere to be

yes right here

she nodded

i see




she dresses to signal

don't come too close

fearing her sting's

like a bee's




found a penny on the pavement

standing straight up

on my run

she deems coins

mad with bereavement

subtle hellos from her son




part of their plan

is to tire us out

so we won't too loudly complain





tides are rising

we may drown in them






drummed on and on

not to be easy

failing to let her know

when to let go




skirts deemed too short

for flying or work

due to observers' mental dirt




The more i write - anything - the more i feel our minds are mere nets catching floating ideas. Some of them pull us along on their flight.




spring or summer were not her season

panicking without apparent reason

when everything 'xcept for her flourished




The world would heal if every community with an existential surplus helped another of similar size whose existence is threatened.




binge watching

bridges a lot of bore

yet series end

giving way to the void




she was supposed to be

hitched by now

all her friends felt

she was failing

yet the finality

sickens somehow

even at risk of someday flailing




measures success

by how much she is loved

without returning the favor




talking to homeless folks

made his friends queasy

like they could catch

this affliction through him




no need to say

you don't love me no more

i felt your looks

when my card bounced at the store




no i don't write

always all about pretty

beauty is honesty

ready or not




when he was little

girls' wet kisses

had him wipe lips and cheeks

in disgust

now he welcomes

a bit of spittle

as expedient ingredient of lust




be wary of opinions

not interested

in yours




don't fall in their trap

amplifying back

vibes sent

to make you run

off the track

best revenge ever

is no effect

raise your sights moving on




Some political systems make subjects believe they are too dysfunctional to improve but also that alternate forms of organization are futile.




those of us

who don't follow their dreams

must endlessly fight

to keep them in check




she is proud

without being loud

calm sunny elegance

puts one at ease

still be aware

if you should dare

burning repentance

will bend your knees




first notes


define the whole song




her feel is electric

black leather tight eel

leaves men apoplectic

cause nothing is real

android domestic violence




met love

at higher education

in an extended collision course




stupid she claims

but her eyes

sign approval




without her

he ate crisps

and cans

purging his brain

at every chance




the way she


cut flowers to vases

signaled to him

quick coverage of bases




Why do we think people arguing vocally with themselves are crazy? Maybe the rest of us are lacking critical dialogue to unskew our minds.




name dropping

calling everyone u

for human unit

that comes and goes




shaving your head

for the operation

you joke

why don't they just

go through the ears




life sometimes feels

like a range of jackhammers

hitting us each time

our concrete has cured




she cries

i cannot go on anymore

want instead ever to stay




not today

i'm not in the mood

of feeding my decay

people who pay

may think i'm rude

discounting my dismay

at being worked and no play




smoking drink excess

preferred being dead

even before his children were wed

or any of his exes




judging others

we always judge ourselves




lecherous leprechaun

fat chipmunk cheeks

knowing girls loathe him

beyond sugared treats

he as well set to take what he can




postcards news

jokes silent screams

rarely one is

what it seems




the monk who has

no patience remaining

the struggler who's

sick of a humdrum life

still too afraid to leave the hive




In philosophy, it is difficult to distinguish between genius and insanity, understanding and aping. Practicability must become the litmus test.




I used to believe in the law of averages until I tracked the frequency by which I put on clothes in the dark in reverse and inside out.




The high strangeness phenomenon of sock vanishings: Today 3 of my running socks went missing during laundry. This is beginning to get eerie.




turns off the lights

then on a candle

turning to me


what i can handle




shakes you awake

and sobs i'm leaving

that's not the take

you got from last evening

when she said

she was not mad





the macaroni heart

she once gave him

is dissolving

in boiling tears




The problem of interaction is knowing when to care or not to care what others say or do, and when you want or don't want attention to you.




morning sunday sun rays

show me

and dirty window panes

but my mind's on perfection

of just one day without any stains




i used to feel stories

told or untold

they had me enthralled

these lands of dreams

long have become quarries

bringing sense almost to a halt




stumbled upon

this rare shy graceful

enigmatic being

i had not dared dream to exist

arresting my stride

she freely came to me and stayed





we tell our self

when we love

and even more

when we don't



first an airy elf

hardens when shoved

eating our core





that we subsist

on shreds of hope

is not a noble strength




what does it say

about us and the world

that we're trying to forget it




everything stuck in perennial winter

i can't tell what it's all about

want to spring back

when things were simpler

we were just starting out




let's sail somewhere

that is not here

away from the anchors

we forged and threw




Beethoven to housekeeper:

I've composed a symphony that redefines music.

How does it go?

Dadadadah, dadadadah!

That's really nice, maestro.




give and take

one thousand months

or shorter

that's what we've got




There is a point in every composition process when one becomes uncertain about how good the result is. Use this.




Human acuity is frequently corrupted by requiring compelling proof for truths one is loath to admit and none for convenient lies.





many memories

raw unsurpassed

running from elegy

fate to be cast




my mind has you pegged

as a girl too long-legged

for wanting to stay in place




Rock has always struck me as a new romanticism, a search for humanity, even in its darkest and hardest reiterations.




tension unstanding

rising relenting

beat never ending

music is me like my pulse




if gold were ubiquitous

we would hold most precious

the soothing dullness of gray slate




No La Scala without scales.




when she remarked

my loving heart

goes overboard

it broke




to prosper

we must admit

we are different

and still

very much alike




few grasped at the time

lies falling like snow

heralded human winter




she lived

to give me

novelty kisses

one of them

was like a slug




words originated

in sounds

things make

they're thus

notations of music




lately she chides me

i am too rough

on myself

so she's gentle with me




there are two sides

to pretending

one expanding

one upending

who we are




she lights me

and makes me see myself

sometimes i feel bad

not having done this myself




if we could insert us in younger selves

when we believed love dwelled

'round the next corner

maybe this time

it would meet us there




she has me thinking

our kite is sinking

unless a harsh wind blows




being human means

negotiating with

varied inability

and unwillingness




is she inspired

or merely possessed

she's never tired

or easy at rest

most alive contrast to dying




constantly drilled our minds

no borders no boundaries

to toss out our door keys

as if evil did not exist

or had to be taken in with the good




Threats to a society benefit those relied upon to address them. Contradictory motivations and reduced control ensue.




lately romps

in which i took joy

seem distractions

while waiting for you

what a man wants

is not a toy

true satisfaction comes

from being true




life's like a house prone

to water mains breaking

we better dwell on higher ground




problems arose

when her love was spineless

this time she'll keep at least

some of her thorns




you will

you will

remember this

strangles my heart

when i hurt her




you see it was

by smaller gestures

she demonstrated

conditional trust

till one day she

cast off her vestures

sure she had perforated

my crust




the things we lose

in us in others

dig in our souls

expanding holes




the things we lose

in us in others

dig in our souls

expanding holes




some morning sun

chases sad shadows off

some burns fantasies

not imagined enough

both ling'ring from you

being absent with me





with lack of vision



of betterment

projecting all

on some politicians




spring was muted

from my senses

could not allow its splendor

to sweep me

then my love

would've broken through


and nowhere to go




be gentle to all

for many people

fight to keep it together




earphoned late walks

on summer evenings

heavy roses

hissing sprinklers

warmly lit windows

most people have family

not impossible i will too




she hugged the lilac bush

just like a person

thank you for making

my mind smell so good




and then some day

after so many suffered

she won't allow one single more




millions of children are dying

while we debate who was lying

as if it were the most pressing fact

giving excuse for our failure to act




not being

too good

to befriend





When you sense animosity or fear in others, step forward with an out-reaching hand, look them in the eyes and say: "I want to be your friend."




some of us carry

a poorly reined fire

not to consume

but to add creation




love knows no shame

it is destined to aim

like a track for a train

at fulfillment past bane

though the odds are insane




their hopes

of sunbathing

head to toes

were doused

by scathing





he calls her rosette of cauliflower

she him asparagus spear

feasting on meat is a concept too sour

thus vegan terms that endear




make music

write poetry

hear your self think




she sends me a rose

and a face throwing kisses

though my rhymes are prose

and my words mostly misses




hell is not a place

it's when our minds

have nowhere to go

to escape their demons




my eyes hold watch

for what i don't know

though time rejects its chaining




she's bitter chocolate

set between shelves

of over-sweetness




a sucker for lips

his heart

bounced off hers




i try to write the hush

of words that sometimes

skim my mind




stop wearing my shirts

as night gowns

i scare

waking up next to me




he sent your nightmares

and that they come true

kid with a magnifying glass




all we can sometimes

do to keep going is

bluff that here still may be

gas in the tank




she wrote

i have kind hands

though they never touched




glorious sunset

to end all days

will we still fear the dark




gaunt scruffy man

in a suit from the thirties

waving a mirror to catch his ghosts




why did she cry

and knew of no reason

more cans of happiness

in the pantry




sleep they say

is a training for death

most of us already loathing to wake





twirled curls

stuck with flowers

now turning

she won't wait

till i'm out of sight




animals mimicking

fast food joints

endless surprise and supplies




even birds whistle

past her walking by




she's dead

to her you weren't

rest for lost mind

or vest in wild sea

you claim dread

yet that it's not inherent

bodies grind sweat

dress and flee




i'll keep this beautiful sentiment safe


what just seems to come to our mind

has sometimes long hidden and storied





rain will come

and then the sun

night slumbers

and days

with their heads

toward the sky




high pitch and low growl

of crackling tension

should someone around

just happen to mention

her name

and that she might be

here tonight




he often asked

where the girls are

that none were around

should have given him a hint

his circumstances were unhealthy




why can't computers

help themselves

and often don't know what ails them

sicked upon laymen

who pull their hair

but hang on despite this mayhem




the wretched


makes him batched

flies off the handle

and so does he




you hurl your mane

and it unfurls

curls cascading

in little whirls

girl you drive me insane




i love it when people cheer my sight

but then feel guilty of silly pride

guess that's the cost of being right




listen she warned

the child

you cannot sing

confidence harmed

a continual sting




here we are

so many years later

guiding stars

to love even greater

we veered far

by any spectator

but only sparred

to unite even straighter




your love's force

makes you let me be me

but i of course

want your fealty




losing you makes me

seriously question

will i ever be enough




molten she lays

out her life

come next morning

will it be hot

or obsidian glass




humanity's sanity's losing trust

soon this will reach the people we know

question them & ourselves we must

even then expectations run low




i stopped my prayers

relying on others

all the more joy

when love comes around




entered my dreams

a loving stranger

never could figure out

who she was




wisdom and foolishness

are both defined

by what we have and have not given up




our synapses

streamlined trim

clogged with nonsense

to the brim

that's how rulers want us




losing each other

and ourselves

we put dreams

upon a shelf

from where they keep

staring at us as we pass




keep going

she whips

as i come around

we think the same way

but different directions




still can't decide

between fact and fiction

guess it depends on

which one disappoints




animal skins

you reject as sins

hollowed body of nature







the world




which how

we apply them

or not




Physics are increasingly proving that time, space, and matter are superficial phenomena on the path to their underlying truth.




shrill shills

pushing pills for ills

their masters manufactured




don't ask her

what in you she loves

she might realize

not having a clue

don't tell her

what you see in her

she might despair

living up to it




my dreams of you

were split in two

one sleeping

and one waking




nothing could tell me

you were not mine

until i saw you stand in a line

of girls with backstage passes



natural aspects of us

become wondrous

when we don't own them anymore



badmouthing ecstasy

unwise unreal

just goes to show

how left out they feel




the car was drifting

our bodies lifting

for a short moment

we felt no time




i write the words

you illustrate them

somehow this whole thing

is just a big show




there was an endless open beach

where loving was being and seeing

our bodies as dancing sculptures

times i don't dare touching you

for fear of disturbing

the beauty you are




holding her ears

when i play rock&roll

but deep inside

this is what she likes




never mind what others think

follow your passion

and others with passion will

note love and join you

this is how the world breathes




pleasure of modern life

snuggle in bed

talk to friends we never met




must not keep our human

from following its bliss

steadily nourish its lumen

happiness builds like this




loving come what may

or throwing it all away

nothing between to parlay




waves of music love & wine

dare him to sway

while standing grounded

clocks tick loudly protesting time

he's still wondering

stays confounded




that she wants him

makes him angry

she shouldn't be so easy to get



is she just crazy

or madly in love




those without love

deem it often stupid

cursing not having it

with all their smarts




she says by herself

go away sometimes

always unsure what it means




drudging curmudgeon

when woken up

she sits him down

with a cup of tea

turning his frown

with the heart to his key




most of the time

he would not get started

for fear of what would be

after the end


and as we lay to bed

day's tribulations

will we continue

to hold hands in dreams



all our lives

getting ready for what

finding already

we missed our putt




long she gave love

filling buckets of chips

still he had played them away




hearts are not built

to be whole after breaking

just to scar over

the mark of their staking

if we remove the cause




still after all years

we meet after work

i am not sure

what she does in the day





has interests

maintaining conflict



waking up lately


not having you by my side




crispness of fall

has a prompting air

quiet times call

how did you prepare




in our youth

we were busy exploring

and playing out our fantasies

then came the truth

and pain made us boring

insouciance is a quiet disease




the least we can do

is not doing anything





what can one say

about rubber stamp people

except that one wishes

they'd run out of ink




they scare us

so we choose

the safety

they offer




life's pretty low

with no high of love




you gave a concert

no one came

getting your feelings hurt

part of the game

having arrived

it's just the same

nobody says a word

silenced by fame




some suffer

from being treated well

thinking they don't deserve it




silence is only hurtful

if we expect sound




natural processes artifices

cannot decide which we prefer

their merger is the only sound path





a silent touch

is still too much

after what he said




looking for news

to confirm opinions

slandering all

that does not fit

trustees and trustors aligned




those who can't lose well

will not do well winning




smiling invectives on tv

not jokes even though

they make dunces howl




quaint alleys carry

on worn travertine

fleeting life's

heaviness and trifle




love you

have brought me

to the brink

of daring to tell you

what i think

of your directing

what food i can eat




often in dreams

you were calling my name

this has come true

but it's not the same

when you wake me to go to work




clinical undertow

growing with dread

humans still show

naked hands and head

dress code can't quite

make them puppets yet




don't have to believe in magic

there is proof of it all around

nature pulled itself a hat trick

that matter life love are found





your dress clung tightly

after the rain

still you skipped lightly

showing no pain

steam rising blithely

from me and the seine




they had his beater

and her bed to share

turning in both with due care




she swears

no matter

i'll be on your side

he answers

help me

tell wrong from right




summer rain shower

in a backyard

dancing an hour

under the spout

guiltily shrouded

grew sensually outward

then they knew

what life was about





mocking him

has a ceding price

she gladly pays

after teasing his eyes




buying evinces unhappiness

with a current position

and expecting better success

through an acquisition

how much does that work out




watching her walk

stuck the rhythm line

of love is like oxygen

in his heart




why did people settle here

in this forsaken land

where must they have hailed from

that they could not bear

and fled instead taking a stand




first single i bought

as boy of few years

instead of candy

still sweeter to my ears




don't know where i left it

or when i noticed it last

felt it was gone when my chest hit

now hollowness has me aghast




playing guitar

is calming my fears

now that you're far

night only hears

but i trust its stars

will reflect wavebound tears




pictures at home

photos of her

trying to capture her spirit




minds resemble oceans

tides and waves

only at the fringes

where we stand reflecting

much of its depths yet unexplored




don't recognize the world

without you anymore




we can regard our setting

as bottomless abyss

or boundless upside

when these really are the same




much love i hear

dims past its season

but that depends upon its reason

or the lack thereof




people are tired

dulled is their passion

don't have it in them

to turn things around

or even wondering

where causes are found




your kiss my flame

thaws much of the ice

the world instills

with endless lies

to cover carelessness




some ridicule

those who are sentimental

but then few die

with a smirk on their face




nothing we buy

spares us bidding good bye

to attachments we try

holding on to




none of us sure

how much more

we can take

how much longer

we must try and wait

for our pain to find a cure




day dreams about your scent looks and ways

though since we met it has been only days

i think i can't live without you




you want me to forgive you for

not being what i had hoped you were

when it is me who caused all this blame




your skin

as smooth as sanded marble

you heart

as cold and hard as well




most of mind work

is in ramping up

or calming sufficiently down




every time evil

leaves its shadows

it ventures to hide

in the highest virtues




The best about most constitutional systems is that they limit damage by special interests, unless these can strategically unite or disguise.




love when i play

this song we both love

hurt flees our bodies

soft conquers rough

why can't this last forever




blinks of your eyes

flutter brightly on

voice fragments echo

though your long gone

what i would give for a day




played and put away for now

but i know you will come back

music we made

made us glean the tao

some day we'll get back on track




seeing him

breaks the spell of years

visions she conjured

through veils of tears

scattered by waking

from a long dream




You can't force people into your life. Live it with those who voluntarily contribute to your happiness and remain open to others joining.




Humanity rationalizes its existence through machines until machines rationalize humanity for their existence.




zealots misguide

no matter their side

while insisting the other lied




Humans show persistent weakness in their determination to self-govern. Empowering others never works.




she fell in love with him

wild and free

secretly hoping

for some lee

even as winds were changing




demanding love's

like commanding the sun

you must go where it shines




once we thrive

on vicarious thrill

we feel alive

though we're standing still




eating cherries

red vampire teeth

you arrange fairies

into a wreath

heaven in paris

and we underneath




the self-righteous

have no humor

cause it unmasks

their ridiculousness




bemoaning lack of traction

while nowhere we want to go




peak moment in his disbelief

she sneaked out on him

like a thief




don't brag about love

show it




i dream of a world

with no fear of harm

but then think

those set to inflict harm

should have more such fear





when crazy

becomes normalcy

just another way to see

that we must protect with glee

though it fights our right to be




good people try

to get friendly by

that's what evil counts on




the guilt of being

not with whom

or what we love

may have us attempt

to lessen that love




Most human problems stem from ideas people ought to abide by the same standards. What about leaving others alone unless they infringe on us? And if others infringe on us, what about finding the least offensive way of de-conflicting the situation?




i'm not quite i

without her

she brings out loud

the man i am

up on a cloud

or stuck in a jam

at least aware

i am living




she held for him

a passing passion

more like a whim

a seasonal fashion

soaking up popularity




With all the choices one has to manipulate and mix recordings, it's important to keep in mind that most music happens before it hits the computer.




Recording and mastering songs is not for the faint of heart. So many choices, so much to redo and tweak, and still not sure whether it's good!




i did not stand still

i was waiting


whether and when

to jump




the english girl

or was she french

i never knew

she wouldn't talk

was a dear pearl

next on my bench

i tried to cue her

to please not walk




i should not be ungrateful

to agonize and ask what if

i could have shared it was fateful

to make a connection

or fall adrift




love you call

i should come to bed

but a pall

of doubt plagues my head

is there enough to be happy




in dreams of happy lives

once he'd have a car

he worked and sacrificed

summers of playful youth

did not yet get far

stalled for tolls at booths




life never caught up

with its advertisements




all is defined by opposites

inescapable tension

we must not forget




they don't talk a lot

though each still got

a mute conversation

within with the other

locked in resignation

they might not bother




life seems like a race

she's always so busy

it makes her dizzy

as if to brace

against treading in place




what if the star

i revere from afar

is just a hole

in a cardboard box

that may be right

but its intrepid light

must come from somewhere




defending a thesis

to be in the fold

academic omen




The core question we each must answer is why we deplore conditions but are unwilling to seriously dedicate ourselves to changing them.




timid bullies

wait for a mob




hate strewn as bait

captures wrongful righteous

to do the bidding

of devils who wait




times when cloaked pain

makes him throw all away

she blocks the path to the bin




hypocrite outrage

by those seeking power

till they or their friends are on top




the pretenders

a growing group

of those who dupe themselves

not being members




love when i play

this song we both love

hurt flees our bodies

soft conquers rough

why can't this last forever




the product of more

seems to be becoming

that people are locked in

can't move for themselves

or has it always been this way




hyperventilating cries and snides

by those claiming higher ground

poison the dialogue of sides

prevent good life to be found




the difference between


and being cooked

is just a matter of time




let's make the world a little better

by telling people if we think well of them

it may mean the world to them

and helps us show who we are




every day

come what may

i go to the strand

hold out my hand

call to the sea

to carry me

and you

till we live love true




the little light

she keeps in her heart

pilot for fulminance




passion commitment love

get us through life's improve




when all of us

eat garlic

we won't know

how appalling it is

this is how cults tend to go




i want to be

so perfect for you

that i can't live down

my being not

rather would see

you missing my cue

than have you frown

at what i've got




sensing you

makes me make

drugs in my head

so i forget

reservations i shed




taking her home

was a dangerous proposition

once invited

she would not let go




you disparaged them as rat tails

i only see wondrous beautiful braids

with strands of my sanity interwoven




you put on


pulling it off

including me




your love is shameless

i had been aimless

till you embarrassed

the hell out of me




will we keep fighting

forefathers' battles

draw on

who/what had them wronged

or refuse

being led as cattle

realize what foremothers longed




you may comment

love poems are naive

but i depend

they're my only reprieve

keeping me from the end




tell me again

my mother lover daughter

how the world was and will be reborn




what are your sedatives

do you hate and love them




just bout the time

we figure things out

there's another assignment




consensual violence

height of love

humans are strangest beings




all my senses

at top acuity

i cannot stand

your not being with me




quizzed you

dissed you

pissed you

missed you

kissed you




all we are

looking to find

and hide from

denying its existence

or swearing by it




when is the last time

you went out on a limb

when do you remember

you acted on a whim

and almost cried

because you found you




the most blasphemic

and blasphemed

human expression

of not leaving

without having been there




he thought himself

an invincible genius

until he looked for glasses

to find his glasses




trying to get

a reading on you

love you're my

fever thermometer




he complained that nobody heard him

when he was not listening to himself




there a strata

from which

you look down

as if it was


making you real

some day

you'll be

at danger to fall down

i know already

how you feel




A poem is perfect when you know and don't know what it means. This means it is about to break you into something new.




you know the mind

sometimes gets in the way

of what we feel to be right

at other times

it must betray

the crazy feelings

which want to fight




he placed sweet peas

on her grave

the guilty always carry flowers




my heart wakes up

to disappointment

that i cut

circulation with urs

bleeding won't stop

no matter the ointment

lost love is

an ill with no cures




his favorite throwaway was

can't win

life keeps on messing

with us endlessly




his favorite throwaway was

can't win

life keeps on messing

with us endlessly





it's when we find hands

in our sleep

and hold them

until we turn toward another dream




watch people pushing indication

that they are this or that

directly or through act

often more wish than inclination




the liberality of most

extends as far

as they get their way




how do i know something

with me is wrong

it's when i cannot find a song




never accedes

to suggestions

without belief

they arose in her mind

never lets go

without many questions

to relieve fear

of what she'll find




she is composed

a rounded work

he has witnessed

100s of times

he likes most

and she tries to shirk

that her hurt

won't reflect his crimes




For interesting conversation, ask loved ones what they would do if you turned into a zombie.




by absence or presence

we are continually confined

in material aspects

shaping them to our will

to free us is the great human ambition




parting she said

that she thought

i was smart

as if this had made

less a fool of me




an in your face world

but your beautiful secrets

keep me believing

i'll never have seen it all

especially if you won't call




we can only be truly free

if we let each other be

and build upon consensus




love unlocks hearts

allowing minds

different perspectives




time flies

collect the highs

obliterate the pain

soon it's all the same

but we're not just there yet




i know we are not meant to last

an episode a blink a blast

let's try to sparkle while we're cast

and see how far we can get




i know we are not meant to win

still let's be true & not give in

decry the vain and name the lies

so we can stand sight of our mirrored eyes




dating a model

took some courage

mainly on her part




you clamor you're under untold pressure

but that's how most gems are made




seeing how they leer at you

tells me that my dreams have come true

or that the nightmares are just beginning




sly puppeteers

have pawns serially follow

plays of tears

inherently hollow

tie themselves

in deemed free wills

and unknowingly act as shills




it's not the tasks you do

tiring you out

rather what you can't move

carries that clout




years ago

they sent me to law

since i was practicing

too much guitar

artists stay hungry

my parents said

i wasn't looking

to be well fed




while she was getting

apparently dressed

her roommate was letting

herself be impressed

in spite of my staunch retreating




expanding voiding loneliness

within as without

silence equals shout




love is an imposition of intimacy

that only those in love will bear




it is not so much now

i want to be with you

rather my heart will break

if i leave you too

tell me what's your stake




why we wear hard shoes

why we live the blues

why we suffer for our passions

why we are recruited like hessians

advertising & selling us out




ideas that one can run

common affairs

without consent

or run them well

in "leader/sheep" settings

are sadly perpetuated illusions




we like to rest

on good we've done

compile a sum

as if we could run

from evils in our lives




the day you stop wishing

to be in someone's grace

you're free but also without love




spectacles to distract

now as then

vertebrae cracked

to keep spite in the pen

and us from finding our purpose




for once stop jabbering

about how you feel

listen acknowledge respond




you never take

our love in context

it's the only thing

counting for you

i thought of you

more as a conquest

someone to break

to have a fling




i'm what i am

will be who i'll be

i won't be damned

by your third degree




tribes are much more prone

to going crazy

than their members

would normally be




throughout life

most everything romantic

is replaced by the practical

except for our remembrance

and refusal to rationalize our heart




chance glance of eyes

on malibu beach

she a girl

who had kept out of reach

starved from her rise

dropped her guise

asked what i was reading




people's success

tends to turn them asses

till lack of luck

makes them step down classes

cult cuts equality into shreds




no one seems

to wake up anymore

mumbling slogans in their sleep

hating friends they ought to keep

all the world is a drugged-up war





hit me

as if to prove

i was no different

from men she knew



the homeless man twitches

shut up shut up

as if we had all not been there some time




when beauty's ungracious

it becomes ugly




he's almost hoping

she'll turn him down quickly

spare him the agony

of senseless smolder




dancing she seems

like fire on music

flings her arms round his neck

don't you just watch

already feels like a fifth wheel's crutch




life is so painful

cause we play our chips

without knowing the game




soldiers on all sides

are commonly good guys

convinced they're fighting

for noble ideas

blindly deriding

they're played for their fears




fear less the fiends

that try breaking our doors

than the ones whom we let in




looking up to

hot air balloons

all my idols have flown




never sure

she'll be staying

challenges her to leave

to cut impending grief

what does it take to believe

there is no cure in doing or saying




can't find or remember her anymore

was it a dream i walked this city's streets

with her on my mind and then on my arm




Many human highs/lows can be explained by our habit of wanting the opposite of what we have.




when those entrusted with our powers

do not represent us

they tend to employ diversions

commensurate with their betrayal




boy leaving the gallery

wonders if

there were beautiful women

in the past 1000 or so years

there must have been

he thought




is it time

to tell what

we like or dislike

in each other

or is our love enough

to envelop it all

and let us be

what we want




for good and bad

we are not drawing

lines anymore

accommodating all

afraid of discrimination




neuron networks

beaten to a pulp

reduced to what can be felt

or papier-mâché

puppet masters' choice




looking at touching smelling thinking of you

and all the things you want me to do

i know i'm not in charge

but that's part of living large




you know

when you call me

or maybe you don't

your soulful sunrise

shines me half stoned




give it a whirl baby

the dress

the hat

your life

and me




call me crazy call me wild

this song played

when i made my child




after our life

when all's said and done

love may survive

though we will be gone

don't let them tell you

it's not necessary




when's the time

when you let go

i've been waiting

but i don't know

still don't think

you will be judged




people die

let's say respects

move on


they don't have 1 anymore

but you do

you do

if you can

make your life

and theirs


do it




she moans take me

he doesn't know where





curse of an empire

cursing itself

gentlemanly of course

or so it would have us believe




the song started playing

i was unready

for this and music in general




this is you last day

don't kid yourself

cause it's split by 10000 nights




Store return.


I: Do you need my card again?

Clerk: Yes I do.

I: Well, I did not bring my cardigan, so you're out of luck!




the more she holds dear

the more grows her fear

that she might lose

without ability to bear




calamity real

for whom it involves

but it is contrived

by skulking wolves

so we let them run the herd




you're only not free

if you act like it




thought police

runs by deputies

calling who won't succumb names




flights to roam

when night inks houses

drowns out the loud

no souls about

safe for stray animals and i

cannot get home

no matter how I try




prepared to use lies

when they think they are right

anything flies

just to win the fight

nobody has any scruples no more




Giving people illusions of self-determination is the most effective way to keep them subjects.




gleaming cars

expensive dresses

cover scars

and unseen messes




dream masters

make us

believe we are awake

we move life past us

omit what we can't take




your head's already in the sand

the rest fill follow upon your use




do not peak

if for you it's not meant

do not speak

when you don't understand

do not seek

what's inevident

fall in line with government




speckled reality

waive flags and sigh

let your criminal

murder and lie

print in annals

he was a good guy

only used cruelty

saving your pie




the world may be crumbling

still don't send love tumbling

it's when it's needed most




the human right to self-determination

deeply revered by western civilizations

until it interferes with ruling interests




confident attitude

part of a game

where u act rude

when i ask your name

testing my courage

and threshold of pain

in really getting to know u




the sight of you

a poison dart

all was paralyzed

but my heart

public theatrics advertised

you too

sought playing a private part




how much opinion

is based on witnessed fact

or mentalized dominion

brains are playing back

stay suspicious and question




probing our boundaries

we find we're being held back

by forces mimicked to track

natural human behavior

so most are prisoners of themselves




we still pretend government

is determined by democracy

take emolument for hypocrisy




Public manipulation works two ways: Galvanizing a sufficient minority behind a guided scheme and keeping the majority apathetic and gullible.




all may be lost if mobs accost

incommodious obvious truths

fanned by interests aiming to protect

lies that neutralize us politically correct




you robbed me

of all resolve to be strong

first when i met you

and now that you're gone




i think you have changed my dna

strands once secured

seem open and frayed

searching to find yours

is it too late

for this kind of conception




living someone else's existence

that of a ghost

who stays in the shadows

makes our decisions

lacking in courage

and most of all in vision




All we might ask of government and one another is "defensive security" to live our lives our ways without unduly interfering with others.





gets a bad rap

when in fact

it keeps us sober

while tiding us over

to another act




are there good knights anymore

maybe they always were

figments of lore

or scoundrels with good pr




she was a runner

down his spine

mixed with assorted jumps

causing recurring goosebumps




Artists create nothing. They cannot help what is already there forcing them to give it expression at the risk of consuming them either way.




after he said it

she sensed implosions

of all stars they had

gazed together

swirling into a black hole




she asks pointedly

whether i miss her

or am merely lonely




everywhere she treads

she pulls sighs or bated breaths

causing heaves by the vacuum she leaves




you make me feel

as if i am

and the same time

in dreams

all we knew

we'd do

when we first met

seems unseemly

and yet

nothing is more true




Luxury is a necessarily incomplete, often erroneous, attempt at creating heaven under our rules. But should we stop trying?





saturday evening

soft music soothing

low light joins dusk

she isn't present

can't stop moving

reeling feeling

like a husk

irredeemably dirty




we all are taking special care

try to ban nightmares

that will occur

already more than we can bear

maybe there's something

to do to prepare




lessons to stick with

what one likes to do

made me conclude

that for me this is you




flash and swagger for vapid sway

compensation of nothing to say

all to be a célébrité

making affected noise

drowning out those without voice




rarely wears sleeves

but her heart's always on them

loves the sun

as well when it's gone

she mostly rests in her moments




habitual parasites and abusers

are usually proficient deceivers

paralyzing victims by injecting guilt

but this is also their dead giveaway




Advice one can instantly be happy by so deciding is similarly absurd as becoming rich by self-decree. The decision starts an arduous process!




Amazing how many think we can brainwash ourselves into happiness when it is a fickle condition resulting from the entirety of our setting.




years kindly let

me slowly forget

the heat when we met

and hell that followed

pain has mellowed

brittled hollowed

i'm unforgiving but unupset





they dictate

what we can't think or say

if it is so false

why go out of their way

to label us apostate




All the world's problems can be traced to a preference of wanting to believe over wanting to know.




Happiness is a mechanism driving us to improve ourselves and the world around us, not just a matter of attitude.




the sign of a man is

how he handles

a woman with passion

i didn't mean that word

you're right sorry dear




i don't care who you are

just want to know who you are



come become

an angel visiting me

lift me hold me fall with me




some relation bothers

if friends are problematic

yielding to opinions by others

instead of helping emblematic

of rotten soon forgotten souls




it's been a while dears

since you killed indians

but those were good old crimes

different times

we ask forgiveness still reveling in spoils




if we denounce

some others enough

we might start believing


and finally live american dreams

in love with our pitiful selves




october leafs

avoid in me

the need to fall myself




it is said that keeping love alive

is hard continual work

but how can this be

if it isn't work when you love what you do




she sings no more

he doesn't play

they had plenty of reasons before

now they've got nothing to say

even for sadness pretense or pay




all books in the world

are not enough

to soak up all its tears





and strength

in varied states

you are to me vapor

water and ice




what can he stress

she'd not already know

paying attention to his attentions

will she insist he bare his soul

is this a dare to pay her toll




lonely in essence

despite effervescence

people watch her like a show

and she puts it on from head to toe

fear of rejection foils any lessons




with proof of no deity

would we go insane

or break out in gaiety

shedding inherent blame

free to take charge of the flame





we are not responsible

for our dreams

that's why we hesitate

making them come true




though he often spoke

of different directions

all ambitions went soon broke

running afoul of enshrined predilections

his resolve became a joke




the old man was waiting

though he could ill afford it

spending his days rating

life as if he might abort it




today she finally noticed me

as i lingered walking by

when her eyes began to touch me

i almost started to cry

though i'm not a sensitive guy




every moment leaves me

you were just one of them

mutual stare

embarrassing rare

will we have that chance again




no expectations implications

no judgment or pressure

she felt safe

talking hours to this man

then quit since he did not care enough




males fiercely brag of

professional sports

signaling they are such men



dude it's just a car

we had posters on our walls

together with girls

as scantily clad as our mothers allowed

somehow the two got mixed up


there's something about

going all out

because it takes you

beyond what you knew

not as a lout

give fear a rout

by sticking to

what is true


he is a fine philosopher of rock

listen closely before you knock

the truth in which he talks stock


she screams at him

he cannot hear

she curses him

but he will not swear

he is too much in love


big hair

contrasted by nair

and ads for all sorts of douches


we sought buckeye

leaster eggs

felt their glistening veneer

leaped in heaps of leaves


fermented fall air

now such proximity is rare



crushes his dreams

so others won't do it

fearful he would not fit in



we know still don't trust

this has been taking place

because so few others object



every election

a choice among evils

carefully choreographed



nothing we're told

is how it's portrayed

so don't you claim innocence



criminal minds still

need justifications

the most advanced

make their victims agree



#history and #religion are largely propaganda by criminal syndicates. That we still fall for their lies proves their continuing domination.




suddenly broke

into my heart

trying to make it her home

i was not stoked

right from the start

now love won't leave me alone




invisible force

makes me revolve

you are the center of my verse

can't change course

cannot muster resolve

even if you are unloving and terse




Self-determination is vaunted as the highest principle in the law of nations - but only if it serves to destabilize one's enemy. Hypocrites.




I never understood why women's #1 wish in a man is smarts, but then when they want to signal a guy they really like him they call him silly.




it's not that we

don't care enough

but what we care about is nuts




some places or person's we've been to

and know we will visit again

repel us but are true

and thus tie us up in their ban




she wants to give the world

everything she's got

until someone vainly claims it

then she will not




rare an artist

can resist

practicing without fillers




thousands of angry words

are neutralized by an embrace

thousands of words enthralling

are killed by violent disgrace




none of the sheep have seen him

some say he might not exist

most claim he keeps a watchful eye

& just does not like to get involved

8-pronged white star with a black rhombus in each tip.

 © 2013-2019 BY MARTIN JANELLO