Drawing in black ink of an open daisy flower facing the viewer. The daisy is the symbol of the Philosophy of Happiness book.








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1. Video Introduction to Philosophy of Happiness Book & Website (5:12, Home section), and Transcript thereof (2 p., PDF)

2. Ch.1-5, Philosophy of Happiness

Paperback Part One Excerpt (104 p., PDF)

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3. Ch.1-5, Philosophy of Happiness E-Book

Excerpt (105 p., PDF)

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6. Ch.26, Philosophy of Happiness E-Book    Excerpt (34 p., PDF)

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7. Philosophy of Happiness Index (16 p., PDF, exclusively available as a download)

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8. Philosophic Reflections E-book (41 p., PDF, see also the Reflections section)

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10. Home Page Daisy Meadow Wallpaper (without writing) (2762 x 2025 pixels, JPEG)

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11. Daisy Meadow Wallpaper (with title)

(3333 x 2500 pixels, JPEG)

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45 degree square closeup photo of a yellow and white daisy flower with bee and little beetle visiting.

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