driftwood we are

tumbling on a shore

will we burn

in someone’s fire




not sure i like the power of words

with threatened falsity and violation

yes all tools have dark sides

but these can directly form minds




letting things take their courses

taught him to blame himself

just as he would have

had he tried to change them




given enough motivation

the human brain

can rationalize anything

this is where the heart comes in




he thinks the reasons why she left

would only have relevance

had she stayed




to know what happened

is often as difficult as

guessing what will happen

emotional theories abound

and rationalizations gloss over




like birds in a house

of mirrors we are

sitting still bruised afraid of flight




don’t know really why i cry

and i’m not really crying

it’s just that i let myself

realize feelings

unfiltered and without lying




borrowed hope

on a stranger’s ticket

she does not know

if she wants to go




she says i seem to her

pretty normal

i don’t know if i want this praise




so wondered why

they would

or would not love me

each choice


and clear at times




intentions clear

retreat hate or fear

are oddly estranged derelictions




it’s not that we’re sleeping

but we’re not awake

life has us too tired

to put up a fight

it’s not that we’re trembling

but we’re not at peace

life has us too scared

to follow the light




your lips promise cherry kisses

or is it spits of pits




she said i can no more recognize

but had she paid attention before




don’t know if i could

if she let me go

or remain if she begged

don’t know if i like

that she needs me so

or care if i got wrecked




we did not come here

for popular reasons

just to speak the truth




all i want is honesty

to a fault of hurting me

but you won’t let it get to that




morning haze

dreams solving maze

i am geborgen

anew in our love




dreamless stupor

when we are awake

flashes of consciousness

is it too late




is this what you want

i should be doing

you guide my hand

will my mind stay free




waves of stupidity

threaten to drown us

giving up thinking

so we can feel good




democracy is

the agreed right of a majority

to govern a minority

don’t mistake it for freedom




it’s only still me

because there is you

at least sometimes

when i’m searching




don’t know anymore

if i ever did

the pieces of me

if they ever fit

together to make me whole




was anything you

or was it the hue

of morn ambers

imbued with hope




crazed demands for adulation

poppies in bloom

know it’s over soon




she is soul searching

but dares not succeeding

only the drinking

can keep her sane




once ignorant what loomed out there

reeling hard when sadness hit

world of impurity made him feel dirty

he could not wash his hands of it




sometimes the best is yet to go

or might have already left

a blessing is that we don’t know

so we can with some hope rest




the moment she let him

touch her breast

she knew immediately

if he’d pass muster




the freezer

left ajar on vacation

taught him

the frangible nature of life




Poetic contemplation and sensitivity are at times mistaken for frailty and sadness when they really express the courage and joy of awareness.




the rare sense

of presence

in our essence




what is

space time matter consciousness

we only know

what we dare to believe

without being proven wrong




suspense in mid air

gives us a scare

that hearts and minds

might be overflowing




frightening bouts of consciousness

make us sink back to obliviousness




she reached through the wall

and offered her hand

but he only feared

she’d be grabbing




waking up

to a day without time

just sunbathed air

and my life with you

sit here with me dear

while our hearts shine




specs on a flying rolling ball

with grandiose grounding illusions




idiots will buy dieting tips

from an overweight famous person




paring down to what we need

brings our self to light




you tell me you’re mine

and i think you mean

you are not anyone else’s




at times she still gives me

refreshing notions

she’ll never be a downright sure thing




the ultimate problem

we don’t know why

we’re here in either direction

weakening us to suggestion




loves dressing up and facing the day

throwing it all off at night

nestling into a bath

over-sized shirt

soft gurgling music and me




she wants certainty

he could and would defend her

though he may never have to




had i forgotten

how good life could be

or did i ever know

these are moot points now

with your loving me

and the mind you blow




he carried calm assuredness

his amity would one day attract

a trusting wild soul from the thicket




don’t tell me

you like butterflies

but can’t stand caterpillars




love is tricky

because we fear

to need or be needed

too little or much




the best ahead

now apparent to me

upon giving up on her

or am i just talking up a bet

after a past hard to bear




the most blessed

and desperate thought is

i’ll die not having known this




holding loved ones very close

won’t let us get a good look at them

maybe that is how blind love survives




see my eyes

they look for you

feel my hands

they reach for you

meet my soul

it longs for you




she wore a flower in her hair

that signaled

she did

and did not care




living presumptuously and arranged

resisting to be proven wrong

lost since we were children




walking with her

did she say

you’ll like me

or rather you’re like me

and why do i think it matters




my love for you

may not be much

but it always will be

as much i can love




hung-over haze

punch-drunk from her ways

reality forces his gaze

into a searing blaze




don’t know why

she does not speak

or is it me not hearing

have we left each other’s range




why do you never smile at me

cause love my dear

is a serious business




easy to get wrapped up in ugly

it lingers and lurches everywhere

she steadfastly pleads

the power of beauty

i trust it will win

because she is there




am i still here

or is it only

that you keep thinking of me




she takes my hand

placing it on her chest

even before we kiss

you hold my heart

and i cannot rest

till you know where it is




cold winter days ahead

i like the idea of

not being diverted




having been left to his devices

he was inundated

by thoughts not his own



Drawing in black ink of an open daisy flower facing the viewer. The daisy is the symbol of the Philosophy of Happiness book.



Blue and black title plus stylized, 8-pronged white star with a blue rhombus in each tip and separate rhombi on grey background.