8-pronged white star with a black rhombus in each tip.

life is like toothpaste

after we step on it

’xcept that we may get some refills




nothing will be

like this again

welcoming or

regretting that

prefaces our happiness




you was this

she says

i agree with her grammar

more definitely gone like that




sometimes we only can blank

and go on

and baby it’s one of those days

can’t tell which one of us has won

both maybe in each our ways

but it’s goodbye to something




take me away from me someone

i’ll gladly go to stop the pain




he is an iser

she is a waser

how can a will be

arise from their union




being in love

is so overwhelming

she feels her life’s bearings

are coming unhinged




some cowards don’t dare

to walk away

they stay until time

will pass them




mostly i was

but how much i will be

is up to me

i hope




today i will restring

my old guitar

replacing tired oxidized wire

with shiny coiled pouncing fire




young god

she says

i was

i was

i was




i know i will get over you

it’s me getting over you

i can’t get over




my hearts are beating

in all of life

each birth each death

my renewal and killing




night moth i was

not being too bright

since turned away

you are not sun’s light

beat myself up for nothing




nature’s division

and convergence

available in us




she took off her shoes

and walked to the wild

i know she is here now

to hunt life with me




i don’t care i will always love you

even though you don’t want me to

run along and let me be love

hoping one day you will find it too




never mind that they are all gone

they were in reality never here

the one who will stay is yet to come

in time though so have another beer




she cannot wait for him anymore

clocks ticking muffled by silence

she wants to know

what she’s living for

his tight embrace seems like violence




it’s all artificial

she sadly said

go back to real fire

to bake real bread




no don’t stay

and emotions will show

the path to you more clearly




today i ran out

of all my rhyme

i had to get away

and had you know

the mood i’m in

nothing more to say

and no more wasting time




must i be

i’d rather not

without you




go on

she just won’t




change now after all

it’s possible still

if you will your being to it




she had me going

until i arrived

she had me dying

until i survived




water nails

clang on icy rails

at the shoreline promenade

where she stands pondering

joining the sea




we always have the choice

to be mournful over time lost

or eager about days to come

selecting will direct our life




colton is an odd name for a wife

but this is what she chose

for her new life

if she goes




the manner and tone

in which you say you

makes me expect

something ravishing new




tell me this craziness

will it end

when all i say do or don’t

seems to offend

you have no reason to judge me




he said he would die

without her with him

but she had given that





so many bemoan

they can’t stand their life

without being willing to change it




new morning hope

had left him lately

wounded by demons

he called upon daily




she questioned in strife

is this love yet

as if sitting back

for it to arrive




frequently people

who should be dead

are some of the ones

who seem most alive




at the end of our life

we should get courageous

instead of resigning ourselves




merging your beings

to make someone new

who brings out the best

and the worst in you




go away


because i must stay

and we will not ever

do well together




keep me going

or keep going




he danced heavily like a bear

until she stretched

his mind’s sinews to heaven




forgive that

yes move on




too much has not happened

for us to part or stay




she cannot stand to be with him

while she is lying down

trust has not taken that corner yet

since he came around





when crossing paths with strangers

a voice inside begs



don’t let go




she was some arbitrary stranger

who made me believe in destiny




last night i had just met you

with all prospects new

of what you could be

and not encountered your sad true

that you’re beginning to let me see

you say you don’t want to burden me

but what chance of love have i if i flee




be a flower

and butterflies

will return




to find peace

we must have open eyes




go on he said

i’ll sit here just listening

until you start work

on fulfilling your prayers




proclaiming the times

for talk and song over

she turned to me

with intention to act




you easily draw me

out of my shall

and give in

to whims of maybe




la rosée d’une fleur

renouvelle chaque matin


the dew of a flower

renews every morning




the advantage of being written off

is the chance to write our own story




what to do

when you can’t stand

at your station any longer

expecting a train

that may never come




those awful caterpillars

gnawing your heart

until it almost dies

one day become butterflies

filling it with

sun-warmed softly batting wings




often it’s tough

not to fade away

not to give up

when we know

pain will stay

and resisting

means hell to pay

still we hold on

to a fragile ray




boy who was tutored

to be parents’ martyr

while other children

played field and water

girl who was warned

not to soil her dress

finally run to create their own mess




What a world it would be if we all showed a little more of us - and found we are not alone wanting to dance in the moonlight.




courage always lives with fear




you told me your story

and i told you mine

continued together

at least for some time




mow down the flowers

delusioned you win

next year they’ll bloom again




i mourn losing touch

with you old friend

let us forget

we did not care

for a while




she felt like

her soulmate had died

or stopped looking




lovely flowed freely

when you cared

to join me

silently resting

on edge at deep waters




you know it’s in the midst of fights

that we must affirm we are loved

if we stay tight-lipped entire nights

slowly this light becomes snuffed



Drawing in black ink of an open daisy flower facing the viewer. The daisy is the symbol of the Philosophy of Happiness book.



Blue and black title plus stylized, 8-pronged white star with a blue rhombus in each tip and separate rhombi on grey background.