the way she cradles

this fallen baby bird

nothing but life

its life

now matters




will we win the day

or dream it away

romantics underestimated




it’s not hurt pride

that chills him so

but not being able

to love a foe




going away party

her whole existence




forlorn love born from mourning




abrasions and cuts

you gave me in fights

sorry to bleed all over you




she says i am like an explosion

but that’s only when

someone tries to contain me




the why of you

not caring for me

is keeping me endlessly dying




she got her reward

forsaking me waiting

though she never learned

how i writhed inside




feeling no rocks

in our stomachs

basking in love

full of light

and unbound




pieces of unlived life

stacked on my table

soon to be cleared

because i did not dare




your freedom you place

in my hands

to hold for you

your wings brush me gently

expanding my realm




the island i was

on nothing that time

i could have used a friend




dreaming some day

you’ll come my way

or there is a path

by which i will find you

meanwhile i practice

so i can sway

your gentle soul

into loving to stay




soused she doused insistent thoughts

how cruel it is to sell herself




all the interesting people i know

show interest beyond themselves




the rivers of tears

we cry inside

leave our lives

emotional deserts




i know my love

i’m not easy to read

i’m scared you’d be scared

of my inner world




worries and daily drudges

preoccupy her mind

she does not allow herself to shine

only with you some time




closed in shielding castle walls

withering from within

she asks me where i’m going

not fathoming where i’ve been




give me this love again

i beg

when i thought

the world would

see it and echo




he had her moods moving

like bodies of water

touched by the shapes of his terrain




malignant they found

is part of her

trying to take over




breaking records of living

with a broken heart




you mock my defenselessness

and put me down

so here’s what my

sorrowed love’s come to

i’ll be your clown until i drown

with ghostly pride

that won’t haunt you




all she wants

is gentle attention

without people seeing

the wounds yet to heal




i once thought to write her

explaining my love

then sensing more deeply

it never would right




waning wanting

now underground

as granular bit storms

are wearing her down




she wanted him always

around and within her

but he felt he needed

somewhat else sometimes




if you show you care

and leave wires bare

someone will come

to cherish their sparkle




two shy people

broaching their bliss

unfit to reign in their feelings

no experience primed them for this




i love the way

you brighten me

when dark alley walls close in

you say you see

the fight in me

to make compassion win




i will not tell her

she’s on my mind

she is much further within




many men vie for superpowers

he’s a chap who likes little flowers

and the sun making them come up




her favorite lament

there is nowhere to go

everything’s caught

in a screen and a button




every now

i step out of the shadows

that threaten to pull me under




inviting him in

her world

to love her

but not so much

it would crowd her out





through the earth

under the seas

over the skies

i sense you




looking deep into her eyes

she confided i trust you

so close to the mirror

her breath fogged it over




slick body she learned to showcase

as mantle for naked raw feelings

shell-locked like the seed of a fruit




she felt she might as well

live on the moon

with an internet connection

painful though

to keep seeing the earth




numb cringing ringing

and crawling time

set off by inner detonations

whenever she’s near but not mine




reaching out

is a good way

for reaching in



Drawing in black ink of an open daisy flower facing the viewer. The daisy is the symbol of the Philosophy of Happiness book.



Blue and black title plus stylized, 8-pronged white star with a blue rhombus in each tip and separate rhombi on grey background.