what i’ve been through

and then came you

white eyes

with sharp flannel funnels




and though i may leave

to gain the world

i always come back

to win your heart




though we are joined

i hardly know you

please keep revealing

yourself to me




the loveliest writs

i muster

lose luster

in your presence




your favorite flower

is baby’s breath

and i’m not afraid

to know it




don’t tell me

reasons you love me

for i would then fear

they’d pass before me




say something deep about her ways

without scaring her by implying

my heart angels urged and no lying

so i let her know how in my case

she brightens even sunny days




i’m ready she trilled

and filled me with doubt

should we go

or stay harmonizing




i know you’re not listening

you watch the glistening

of her lips pout




the best

and worst days

were seeing her




how much he’d like

to spread his wings

to shield her

from incoming fire

and how pathetic

this passion rings

in foil over sticks and wire




more than mine

i want you to be yours




some girls will not let you forget

that they gave themselves freely

trying to hold you in eternal debt

turning love’s juicy peach mealy




she does not need clothes

to hold things in place

this is what she knows

and what he prays





could it be

he was fond of her

past all horizons known




that she would touch him

without demands

how someone touchable

would have to be




i love this room

of our gentle fire

reflecting soul shadows

for us to read




pressing themselves

against each other

brought forth the essence

of love everlasting




you must not

give up to him too soon

or he will feel

incapable hunting




a woman will let you do

anything to her

if she trusts you

but honoring her trust

will prevent you




i like that you’re foreign

i’ve had familiar

it’s where my dreams went to winter




i love the manner

you’re moving your hair

more since i know

you do it for me




she cries with me

when i am tormented

that’s why i nevermore

want to be sad




do not direct him

trust let him be man

you will win

stirring his passion again




she warps time

just walking by

people dream

stare smile and sigh

her aura’s gleaming

all clichés apply

she is incarnate love




don’t follow baby

how it could be

that out of all the guys

you’re wanting me

you say i’m special

but i fail to see

what in that specialty

would turn your key




at times i think

it would be a relief

accepting what never will be

but then a voice questions

how do you know




cute she calls him

not what he went for

still he’s disarmed and charmed




just like there are lights

that are whiter than white

you give delights

a pen cannot write




you say i am dangerous

for unleashing you




she doesn’t think

my jokes are funny

she humors them

like a nanny a child

but drops her reserve

when i whisper honey

ready for bedlam

or something else wild




love’s work is draining us each day

nights we seek frantically restoration




the various ways

she says come on

astound me without end




taking her time

puts on serious debt

years she can never retrieve

only forestalled by

his loyal commitment

and hope love lends him reprieve




the most significant step of true love

is granting power

to turn us on or off to life




your hemlines

skirt my face

like grazing razors




contemplative playing softly

while rain is falling

worshiping your skin

cut by the ring

of the stupid phone




ratcheting up

is what she’s good at

riding her loops

is his favorite thrill




she doesn’t respect him

for waiting at her door

except for guarding it sometimes




this one is driving

to break the stick shift

that one is polishing chrome

till i’m home




if i went to the end of the known

would you go with me

if i would dare losing

by choosing the edge

would you ride it with me




i am unclothed

for you to see

this is my body confined

but unlimited love

for you to set free





she’s exploring me

wanting to know how i feel




your smile

caresses my ailing soul

your heat

enflames my waiting coal




how come you like me

so much you cry

but then you don’t want me

to soothe you




we walked to the lily pond

laughing and naked

the moonlight had shown

more than silhouettes’ charm




i knew i had changed

and grown quite up

when i did not mind

that she licked my ice cream





i do not like to say that word

it is too separate from me

have taken over all my world

except that i still feel whole and free




she praises i know

how women feel

but only because they make me




you say touch me

but i won’t budge

hovering close

is making you crazy




l’heure bleue

your warm sentiments

and mine

switching from tea

to red savage wine




she disassembled me

letters of phrases

artfully spun together once




hold it close

but not too tight

i’d like to keep

this feeling alive




why he complained

must i dream of her

i don’t know even who she is




our tears fell into each other’s eyes




rapt up

in your hideaway

heavy sensual overload




pull envelop pierce and streak me

skin tight fusion you secrete me




like your life

treat a work of art




let her breathe freely

then take it for a while




we give too much away for free

but that’s how we are - indelibly




i know i’m not enough for her

but she makes me more

of what i need to give




warrior i am

mars is my planet

i will defend your soft

feeling my strength




sometime soon

or eventually later

he will lose faith

in your tepid soul




holding her close

has lost its promise

for letting her go

is invariably next




she says again

she wants me to touch her


yet it is not fear anymore




she dreamt of fires

and floods of emotions

earths shaking

and gales pounding

all during elements of accounting




the complex design

served to remind him

it’s lingerie not lungerie




back lit hair

gives her the flair

of a flame-tinged angel

love or ire

i’m in awe of this fire




sometimes he makes her

wanting to die

because he’s her reason for living




the truth about her

she is poetry

all descriptions

copies stolen




he knew it was love

when mentions of her

burned brand-like

but also warmed his heart




the embarrassment

of being shot down

was nothing compared

to the torture

of not being able to land




promise me

you will not die again

even if love has you bleeding




in love our belief

is a tender flower

we proclaim invincible




lost in nocturne

embracing lovers




she uses words

like dawdling

drawling them gently

in her exquisite mouth

she is from georgia evidently

and i after hearing her

want to go south




the devil if real

would lead you to love




their relationship was proof

cold fusion can be accomplished




these braids

in which she wears her hair

leave me hopelessly entangled




life seems too long for longing

and short for a few days elation




the worst fate in love

is missing someone

who keeps on aware of this

playing with us




dreams i once knew

seem stale and won’t do

now that i breathed

the presence of you




the most ravishing girl

without even trying

launched my heart in a whirl

and scrambled my wiring




after the sizzle

she puts on an apron

to satisfy his need for beacon




dancing round splatter

fryin’ chicken nude

he moves close to her

not thinking of food




what’s this love good for

elated with you

but paying the price when I’m not

affliction of damage and cure will do

more harm than a slow lonely rot




she liked his strong hands

attending her skin

as if they were sculpting wet clay




don’t fool yourself thinking

love easily ends

some go through much pain to kill it




she says no and i’m sick with dread

foolish to think

she’d go out with me

love must have messed with my head

but now she says come

to my place instead




she’s wilding my drive

i was stuck in first gear




she admits i tamed her

but that’s not what i want




she reminds me

of fruit at its peak




skimming his lips

with two fingers

she had kissed




takes my drive for reckless spins

dizzying speed ’round her curves

no brakes or steering still she wins

the prize of my heart she deserves




she and i are

like water and fire

merging converging

to hot scalding steam




Romantic love unites in and out of body experiences. It is when we live our most because it grants us access to bliss we did not know existed.




you know or you will

that life has no mercy

we only can beat it

by blunt force of hearts




come on she said

come on love me to tears

make me forget

when they fell

in your absence




if it weren’t for your mouth

i might have well lost my taste

for love



Drawing in black ink of an open daisy flower facing the viewer. The daisy is the symbol of the Philosophy of Happiness book.



Blue and black title plus stylized, 8-pronged white star with a blue rhombus in each tip and separate rhombi on grey background.