should we wonder

what is wrong with someone

who’s warm without apparent reason

we ought to ask

what is wrong with us





is the

original sin




what often first

stands in our way

is our opinion

of ourselves




she said a good day’s

when the right parts

are hurting




why should we care

if the weak don’t make it

when all in nature’s directed that way

because arrogance is our weakness




take heart

in your heart

and keep ownership

mind your mind

and keep independence




before you show anger

are cold or careless

avenge attack

or take advantage

before you hurt

your innate loving spirit

take a step back and consider




being gracious

when others are not

is most what grace is about




being what we claim to be

implies a constant struggle




canvas paint brush

hand mind inspiration

audience critic

all one

we must be




Try to avoid those who take friendliness as a weakness. Most of all, do not adjust to them.




the sole reason

humans can(’t) live

with each other

is an unaware mind




high bred monkeys

with cars and smart phones




we keep looking

for easy ways out

when there is no escape




carelessness of ignorant people

tends to define our conditions




good for no reason

some people make a life of it




knowing is only a temporary state

till we know enough

to question our knowledge




travel together

while you do your things

don’t ask or accept

major sacrifices




being with you

should be raptured elevation

for someone who’s loving you back

working on this is a dutiful art

applied in due course to every heart




people who think

things are out to get them

will often do the honors themselves




not caring who cares

must be done sometimes

but mostly we should

practice harmony




the minutes

the hours

the decades we miss

if we are not careful

our life will be this




Sacrificing yourself for others is supremely selfish because it causes enduring torture from inability to repay you unless others sacrifice themselves as well.




damages we all do to each other

thinking we are wise

humbleness is the virtue supreme




let this day live my dear

its brevity carry no fear

our history stay clear

and no thought spent on tomorrow




the best we can hope for

is not not to fade

but finding someone

who will do it with us




most people prefer

what is rare

having no sense

for abundant love




we fuss about life’s receipts

from inception

but there are no warranties

nor returns




an arc connects our first thought

through pastime to our last

life came and went too fast




be wary of those eager to connect

in one-way communications




do not fall

for numbing your mind

we’re made to feel pain for a reason




no good reason to ration love




something unsaid about

keeping your cake

is that it will spoil

if not eaten




being human

finally means

taking exception

to implied fate




Happiness has to do with coincidence, as its root implies. But another part is derived from making things happen.




happiness craves

expanding one’s senses

instead of hindering them




we exist

to help one another

to live work and die

in bliss and peace

moving thereby

toward humankind’s purpose




in two hundred years

most we’re fretting about

will be un or recycled trash




to be whole

surround yourself

with people

responding to kindness




history’s made

by insanely obnoxious

the rest of us try

to keep things together




Ask yourself who might be interested to prevent you from developing your own philosophy of a happy life, and for what purpose.




many who lowered their head

to be knighted

have been beheaded instead




everyone is our teacher

though we might learn

unintended lessons




our life is permeated by strings

they pull us but also give structure




crudeness never expresses strength




go resolute

and do it your way

soon you’ll regret

leaving love behind




The health of a relationship is measurable by how much you can stay yourself, and by how much you try to adjust another.




no heart of gold would be so bold

as to judge the value of people

its courage to encourage instead

won’t let its goodness get to its head




life will probably not get better

until we make it so




the you and the me

of this realm are unreal




wisdom of flowers

spring is coming




don’t send your heart

it might not come back

if addressees won’t return it



Drawing in black ink of an open daisy flower facing the viewer. The daisy is the symbol of the Philosophy of Happiness book.



Blue and black title plus stylized, 8-pronged white star with a blue rhombus in each tip and separate rhombi on grey background.