Philosophy of Happiness: A Theoretical and Practical Examination by Martin Janello.



 Graphic of white daisy on tri-color (blue, green, brown) square framed in light yellow. Cover of companion book to "Philosophy of Happiness."

This section contains some of my contemplations related to the Philosophy of Happiness. They are precursors, companions, and afterthoughts of various length and form.


The single essays can be read and listened to by clicking on the titles below. All of them together are also available  as a free-of-charge PDF e-book titled Philosophic Reflections (43 pages) here.


I am publishing these because they might help readers relate to my inspirations in developing a philosophy of happiness, might illustrate some of its concepts and results, and might encourage readers to search out and give voice to their own reflections about happiness. All access and use is subject to the Terms of Use.


The PDF e-book version is internally linked. Tapping the title on the cover page links to the table of contents, tapping on the captions in the table of contents links to the essays, tapping on essay captions reverts you to the table of contents, and tapping the table of contents caption reverts you to the cover page.


Here is a table of contents with linked titles and short description of the essays:


Philosophy: What's Law Got To Do With It? (print and audio). An outline how closely law and philosophy relate and how vitally important it is that we involve ourselves in both of them.


What Color Is The Sky? (print and audio). A contemplation about how differently we may see and describe external and internal impressions.


An Unwritten Book (print and audio). An illustration of the importance of memories that keep reverberating in us. It also traces my motivation to write a book.


Balconies (print and audio). A tale of how I learned to have hope that humans can live in harmony with one another. Writing it, I also realized how the core themes of my book go back to my early childhood.


The Cheerful Condolence (print and audio). A perspective on the responsibility we carry in a greater scheme.


Daisy (print and audio). A characterization of the daisy as a symbol for my philosophy.


Graphic of white daisy on tri-color (blue, green, brown) square.


Drawing in black ink of an open daisy flower facing the viewer. The daisy is the symbol of the Philosophy of Happiness book and website.