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If you wish to raise happiness as a result of your understanding, you have come to the right place. This website presents a radically new, distinctive, and deep opportunity to improve your existence and the existence of what you hold dear. Do not let it pass. Witnessing human conditions so often tortured and haunted by unhappiness, we owe it to ourselves and our surroundings to elevate happiness.


The approach of my work is very different from anything else on the subject of happiness. It reveals and describes happiness as the supreme organizational principle of individual humans, humanity, and nature.


To fare well under this governing principle of happiness, we must thoroughly comprehend its conditions. My work strives to help readers in this undertaking. It also assists them in devising strategies that can increase and maximize their happiness within themselves, in their relationships with other humans, and in their interactions with the more extended environment. It takes them step by step through an exploratory journey to gain this vital awareness and derive concrete, actionable insights for finding and leading a life of harmonious purpose. Its approach is methodical and scientific, yet unpretentious and written in plain language. The following word cloud can give you a general idea of its themes:


A collage of words representing themes in Martin Janello's writings about the Philosophy of Happiness.


You are welcomed and encouraged to examine extensive excerpts of my Philosophy of Happiness book, including its Introduction and first five Chapters, as well as a rich array of companion materials on this website. Even if you should end up not agreeing with their propositions, considering them may send you on your way of enhancing your own philosophy about matters of happiness.


I hope you find my work stimulating and helpful. I spent much time and energy on establishing a new, comprehensive philosophy of happiness because I care about each of the persons who might individually benefit from it and because I saw it necessary to assist humanity in diminishing and mastering its challenges. My work is independently generated and published by me, and it is self-financed at great personal sacrifice. Its success depends in large part on referrals by individuals like you. So if you like my work or merely think it deserves further consideration, I would appreciate your telling others about it. Sharing buttons are located at the top of each page. Head frame photo of Martin Janello, the author of the Philosophy of Happiness book and website.


Please proceed to the DIRECTORY section for a brief orientation on the resources of this site. You can also dive right into its central subject matter with the P OF H BOOK section, or take a more leisurely approach to philosophical reflection by reading some of my essays in the PHILOSOPHIC REFLECTIONS section or shorter quotes or poems in the KNOWING SERIES section.


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Martin Janello



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