Philosophy of Happiness: A Theoretical and Practical Examination by Martin Janello.




The following articles, excerpts, videos, and audio presentations circle in on the Philosophy of Happiness and my work from a number of vantage points in varying depth. Together, they set forth the fundamental issues necessitating a new beginning for a philosophy of the human condition and show perspectives how this objective can be pursued. a) Philosophy: Mending a Broken Promise. Article (20 p., PDF) about the claims and reality of traditional spiritual and rational philosophy, how they have set back, damaged, and obstructed improvements of the human condition, and how we can overcome these impediments to a thriving existence and find a new beginning. See also PhilPapers. Available in an audio version (1:21:47). b) Philosophy of Happiness: The Short of It. Brief audio introduction (20:01) into the Philosophy of Happiness from an individual standpoint. Excerpted from the Homepage of this site. c) Philosophy of Happiness: A Basic Primer. Video (24:46) outlining the foundations and principal approaches of my work. Transcript (4 p., PDF)) is available. See also PhilPapers. d) The Happiness Principle: Why We Need A Personal Philosophy of Happiness. Video (2:11:52), downloadable and online text, and audio versions. See the Happiness Principle section for all choices. A detailed exposition of Martin's work on the Philosophy of Happiness. It lays out the underlying considerations for a personal philosophy of happiness and examines why other avenues of securing happiness are not succeeding. And it describes how we can arrive at our personal philosophy, guided by a deep understanding of our happiness. e) Philosophy of Happiness: A Critical Introduction. Article (60 p., PDF), reviewing the present state of the Philosophy of Happiness in philosophy, empiric science, religion, and self-help sources. A general introduction regarding the philosophy of happiness up to this point, it summarizes (a) what philosophy of happiness is, (b) why it should matter to us, (c) what assistance we can draw from philosophy, empiric science, religion, and self-help sources, and (d) why taking an independent approach is both necessary and feasible. See the Critical Introduction section for other media choices, including online text, Kindle, as well as contiguous and partitioned audio versions. All versions are free of charge, except for the Kindle edition, which is offered at the lowest price permitted. f) Philosophy of Happiness: The Book. A short audio (11:32) on the principal themes of the Philosophy of Happiness book. An excerpt from the Book section of this website. g) Philosophy of Happiness: Introduction. The Introduction (8 p.) from the Philosophy of Happiness Book. Accessible, together with the rest of the book, here. An audio version (24:55) is available on this website or on YouTube.


Closeup square photo of a daisy showing the detailed yellow center.


Drawing in black ink of an open daisy flower facing the viewer. The daisy is the symbol of the Philosophy of Happiness book and website.